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Tokyo Mt Fuji & Bullet Train

Explore colourful and fast-paced Tokyo before taking the super-fast bullet train to the Hakone area for amazing views of iconic Mt Fuji. 4 Day Tokyo Mt Fuji & Bullet Train Tour Itinerary Our Tokyo Mt Fuji & Bullet Train itinerary has been intricately designed for those who wish to see...

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Mt Fuji & the Japanese Alps

Rewarding hikes, impressive mountain scenery and cultural treasures in Japan Mt Fuji and Mt Yarigatake are the most famous Japanese mountains, and on thistrip we ascend both of these iconic peaks whilst also taking in Japan’sintriguing blend of ancient traditions and modern culture. As well asclimbing Yarigatake, the ‘Japanese Matterhorn’,...

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Wonders of Japan

From the gleaming metropolis of Tokyo, to the lovable Yudanaka snow monkeys and the intricate gardens of Kyoto, experience the wonders of Japan on an independent private tour 10 Day Wonders of Japan Tour Itinerary Our Wonders of Japan itinerary has been intricately designed for those who wish to see...

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Trails of Japan

13 Day Trails of Japan Tour Itinerary Days 1-2 Fly to Tokyo Fly overnight to the dazzling metropolis of Tokyo, Japan’s capital city. Depending on your time of arrival, the rest of the day is yours to start soaking up the local culture. Day 3 Japanese Drumming Begin your tour...

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Japan flower fields with MT Fuji in background

Japan’s Cultural Treasures

Discover the cultural heritage of Japan onthis exciting journey through the countrysmain island of Honshu. Begin with anexploration of Tokyo and the nearbyHakone National Park, visit the tranquilKenroku-en garden and the castle ofKanazawa before exploring the imperial cityof Kyoto, with its many temples and shrines.Experience the sombre modern history ofHiroshima,...

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Essence of Japan

Ancient and ultra-modern sit shoulder to shoulder in Japan. Over two weeks, well experience both, exploring high-paced cities, hushed shrines and temples, and serene gardens. Well attend a traditional tea ceremony, learn a little about geisha and samurai culture, catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji and whizz between cities on...

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Ancient & Modern Japan

Explore Zen gardens, temples and the most iconic sights of Japan Ancient wooden temples, raked-pebble Zen gardens and chanting Buddhist monksjuxtaposed with space-age towers, neon lights and bullet trains; Japanscaptivating blend of old and new is legendary. As we explore the southern andwestern stretches of Honshu, Japan’s largest island, we...

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A Week in Japan

Discover Japan’s essential highlights on this great-value tour. Explore the historical cities of Kyoto and Nara, be awestruck by the beauty of Mt Fuji and experience the bright lights of Tokyo and Osaka. 8 Day A Week in Japan Tour Itinerary Days 1-2 Fly to Tokyo Fly overnight to the...

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Japan Revealed

OverView From the natural beauty of Mount Fuji to the spectacular skyline of Tokyo, enigmatic Japan offers a unique holiday experience. Discover ancient temples, enjoy a traditional tea ceremony and travel on the famous Bullet Train as you explore this country of contrasts. Highlights Just You Tour Manager as your...

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Japan – an ancient culture of emperors, fierce shoguns, samurais and brutal martial arts. Yet its also a place of gentle geishas, colourful kimonos, exquisite garden design and Zen Buddhism. How did a country so deeply rooted in such diverse heritage become one of the most modern and advanced economies...

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