Backroads Touring

Backroads Touring

Backroads Touring, as the name suggests, will take you along the scenic back roads so that travelling between destinations on your European or UK based trip becomes a thoroughly enjoyable part of your holiday.

On the short coaches used by the Backroads Touring Company, you’ll be sitting on leather seats, taking in spectacular mountainside and seafront views through the panoramic windows and roof. Meals will be taken in the characterful restaurants that are well known for their extraordinary cuisine, such as Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant in Cornwall, to give you an example. Your accommodation overnight will be luxury boutique hotels that are full of charm and will make for a very memorable night.

What makes Backroads Touring so special?

This is a company, who through their 25 years of experience, have gone on to win to prestigious awards at the British Travel Awards for the past 2 consecutive years. Their hand picked destinations, fascinating local experiences and highly qualified tour managers mean they’re in a position to give their customers exactly what they want. Their trips are friendly, flexible and build in plenty of free time for you to stroll around each place at your leisure, as well as take part in organised tours and talks.

The groups are limited to 18 in number and among them, on average, solo travellers make up 20%. If you’re considering travelling solo with Backroads Touring there’s a good chance you’ll meet some like-minded souls along the way. Choose from trips that last up to 3 days, 4 to 7 days, or more than 8 days. This company will give you a tailored and very personal experience. We’d be surprised if your expectations weren’t exceeded!

Which routes do Backroads Touring take?

Throughout Europe and slightly further afield in Morocco and Russia, Backroads Touring trips are focused on providing you with new cultural and culinary experiences. Expect to eat fine examples of fresh and delicious local cuisine in renowned restaurants, as well as visit popular landmarks and attractions, not to mention find hidden treasures off the beaten track.

You can make your way through western Europe; Spain and Portugal, as well as central Europe; Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Or, you can even venture further east to Lichtenstein, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Scandinavia is a popular choice with breaks offered in Finland and Norway, while those looking for a shorter haul, can choose from a number of itineraries in the UK and Channel Islands.

Booking your Backroads Touring holiday

Low-cost deals are proud to be an associated booking partner of Backroads Touring. We are knowledgeable about the packages Backroads Touring offer and can provide you with all the details you need. Please give our dedicated team  a call to ask any questions and begin the booking process.

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