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Northern Lights in Saariselkä

Spend an unforgettable vacation in the glass-roofed village, beneath the green glow of the magical Northern Lights. The Northern Lights Village provides a unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights and the wild nature of Lapland at close range, without sacrificing comfort. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to...

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North Pole: Journey to the top of the World

Over View If theres one place you can really feel on top of the world, the North Pole is it. Few people ever have the surreal experience of seeing the world from its northernmost point. This is one trip with a distinct goal, and the feeling of accomplishing such a...

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Journey to the North Pole

Probably the ultimate Polar voyage: sail to 90 north aboard the world’slargest nuclear-powered icebreaker. This journey combines the raw power of the ship with the use of helicopterflights for aerial viewing. Crushing through pack ice that is metres thick,the ‘Victory’ can sail in conditions that would defeat any other ship.Reaching...

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High Arctic Odyssey: Remote Russian Archipelagos

Explore the most enigmatic and extreme regions of the Russian High Arctic Explore the most enigmatic and extreme regions of the Russian High Arctic onthis voyage. In the spirit of a true Arctic explorer, discoverbreath-taking ice-draped coastlines that are rarely visited by even the mostintrepid adventurers. From the heavily glaciated...

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Jewels of the Russian Arctic: Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya

Explore two of the most isolated, icy archipelagoes in the Russian HighArctic Follow in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers, voyaging to two of themost isolated, icy archipelagoes in the Russian High Arctic. From themountains of Novaya Zemlya to the wildlife sanctuary of Franz Josef Land,these are rugged and essentially...

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Helsinki & Maritime Finland

Explore the Finnish capital and some of the lesser-known seasidetowns of this peaceful Nordic nation. The driving routes are easyand the tour allows plenty of time to explore Turku, Finlands thirdcity and maritime capital, as well as the summer holiday city ofNaantali, with its wooden houses lining the harbour. Itinerary...

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Lapland Wilderness Week

Discover Europe’slast remaining wilderness This new winter adventure takes us to the heart of Lapland, some 200 km abovethe Arctic Circle, where nature is raw and powerful and deep endless forestsand mighty rivers dominate the landscape. We base ourselves at Rajamaa, wherethe Malmstrm family have been welcoming guests since 1986....

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Northern Lights: A Lapland Winter

From snow-covered landscapes and otherworldly icy seas to magical natural light shows, Lapland is the perfect place to experience the breathtaking nature of the Arctic Circle. On this winter adventure, we’ll see it all – travelling from enchanting Oulu to Santa’s Village in Rovaniemi and back again (and stopping off...

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