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Club med palmiye

Club Med Palmiye, Turkey

The Turquoise Coast, which fringes the area of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera, is where youll find luxury beach resort Club Med Palmiye. Enjoy white, sandy beaches and a thoroughly cosmopolitan atmosphere, all framed by the majestic Taurus Mountains in the background. With all the high quality facilities youd...

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Club Med Kemer, Turkey

Fancy a sophisticated adult beach holiday, lazing around on white sand beaches and swimming in the turquoise waters of a turtle-filled sea? At Club Med Kemer, you’ll love the twin glorious views of the Taurus Mountains behind you and the sparkling Turkish Riviera coastline in front of you, as you...

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Club Med Bodrum Palmiye

Relax on a teak pontoon in a rocky creek Located in the popular yet secluded Bodrum peninsula, this Turkish Club Med resort is set in stunning surroundings, ideal to help detach yourself from your daily stresses and reconnect with yourself! This Club Med resort is truly high class and has...

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Oman: An Arabian Odyssey

Visit the key cultural and scenic sights ofOman including magnificent forts andpalaces, the rolling dunes of Sharqiya Sands,Omans highest mountains and picturesquecoastal fishing villages. Discover the warmthof the Omani people and travel between thecontrasting landscapes of the desert, sea andmountains. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Muscat Fly from London (regional...

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Iran: Treasures of Persia

The fantastically rich and varied history of Iran has left behind an unparalleled cultural heritage. This tour reveals the best of that legacy, including the supreme Islamic architecture of Isfahan and Shiraz, the ancient Achaemenian capital of Pasargadae and the splendid bas-reliefs of the Palace of Persepolis. Itinerary Day 1:...

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The Wonders of Jordan & Jerusalem

This tour combines the biblical sites ofJerusalem and Bethlehem with the culturaland scenic highlights of Jordan. Sampleauthentic local cuisine and take time to relaxat a spa resort on the shores of the Dead Sea. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Amman Fly from London (regional connectionsavailable) to Amman with British Airways.Transfer...

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The Holy Land in Style

Explore both the modern and historical aspects of Israel on this 8-day journey. One of the many highlights of this tour will be staying in some of the finest accommodation that the country has to offer, including the boutique Norman hotel in Tel Aviv, the characterful American Colony in Jerusalem...

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Oman Grand Tour

Combine central Omans cultural sights withthe striking Musandam peninsula in thenorth and the subtropical diversity of theDhofar province in the south. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Salalah via Muscat On arrival, transfer to the Crowne Plaza for 2 nights. (N) Day 2: Salalah Visit Khor Rori creek, site of the...

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Istanbul & Cappadocia

Combine Istanbul, one of the worlds most remarkable cities, full of ancient monuments, awe-inspiring religious buildings and intoxicating bazaars, with the Cappadocia region, a spectacular landscape once at the heart of the Hittite empire, filled with fairy chimney rock formations and underground cities. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Istanbul Fly...

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Istanbul, capital of the great Ottoman Empire, enjoyed more than four centuries of imperial patronage, which created one of the most famous skylines in the world. Its mosques and palaces are complemented by exquisite tile decoration, fine woodwork and luxurious furnishings. The Topkapi Palace, home to the sultans and their...

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