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Papua New Guinea Highlands Discovery

Visit remote villages with unique cultures and beliefs, where the way of life has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. All excursions are on a group basis. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Singapore (N) Day 2: Fly to Mt Hagen via Port Moresby Fly from Singapore to Mount Hagen...

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Papua New Guinea National Mask Festival

Over View There’s so much more to Papua New Guinea than the Kokoda Track. Rivers, valleys, gorges, mountains, volcanoes, lagoons and inlets carve up this country like it’s nobody’s business, and this has allowed a multitude of cultures to develop in virtual isolation to each other – and the outside...

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The Kokoda Track

Over View Surrounded by dense greenery, glistening rivers and incredible views, it is hard to believe that just over 70 years ago the historical 96 km Kokoda Trail was the site of one of the bloodiest battles for Australian troops in World War II. Even nowadays, to conquer the trail...

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Papua New Guinea: Birding in Paradise

Stay in wilderness lodges throughout rural Papa New Guinea and discover the best of the country’s birdlife, from the lowland tropical forests of the Sepik region to the high-altitude forests and grasslands of Ambua and Rondon Ridge. Along the way, experienced guides will be on hand to assist with their...

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Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea – Limited Edition

Over View Every year in September, over 100 clans gather in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea for one of the biggest tribal festivals in the world: the Goroka Show. Set to the beat of Kundu drums, thousands of painted, feather-adorned tribespeople come together in a huge sing-sing to...

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Papua New Guinea: Adventure Cruise

Array We observe the spectacular fire dances of the Baining tribe, where men don huge symbolic masks and leap over flames to the hypnotic beat of a bamboo band. There are opportunities to snorkel or dive among dazzling tropical fish and colorful corals—these waters are some of the most biodiverse...

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