Mexico lies between the USA and the countries of Central America. Its culture has had an astonishing effect on the rest of the world. Its unlikely that anyone reading this has never tried Mexican cuisine, such is its fame. Burritos, chilli, tacos, fajitas and nachos all originated in Mexico; this fiery, colourful nation, whose stories are among the oldest on the planet.

Descended from the centuries-old Mayan and Azteccivilisations, Mexico and its inhabitants know how to fiesta! The icons of theMexican Day of the Dead celebrations are recognised everywhere. While yourehere as part of a luxury escorted tour, cruise, or a stay and explore trip,youll certainly discover Mexicos vibrant, bustling and exciting underbelly.However, being the finest party host in the Americas is not its only positivetrait by a long shot.

Mexicos diverse landscape, which offers mountain panoramas,huge stretches of beautiful coastline, and dense jungle, as exotic backdrops tothe ancient ruins youll explore, also boasts Spanish influenced architectureand palm-fringed beach resorts.  Letshave a look at just a few of the countrys highlights that you can expect todiscover during your holiday.

Mexicos top attractions

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and a great place tobegin a meaningful tour of the country. Youll no doubt want to explore thehistoric centre; the cathedral, the national palace, and the anthropologicalmuseum. Kids will love all of these too, along with the fun that can be hadunder the leafy trees of Chapultepec Park. The Basilica of Our Lady ofGuadalupe is also a must-see sight, if you want to feel youve truly gained aninsight into the city.

Other urban centres youll want to see in Mexico are Oaxaca,which is a good base for exploring nearby Mitla; an historic site famed for itsgeometric stone carvings, and the Temple of Monte Alban. The town, Palenque, ishome to the largest Mayan community in the world and its surrounded by mistyjungle. Youll pass the spectacular Agua Azu waterfall on your way there. Withits Spanish colonial and Mayan influences, its an example of Catholic andindigenous cultures living together harmoniously.

San Cristobal is another town surrounded by wildlife andwell worth seeing. Taking a boat trip through the Sumidero Canyon, while thesounds of howler monkeys fill your ears, and caimen lurk in the waters belowyou, its an experience youll never forget.

However, its the protected historical sites that allvisitors to Mexico should see with their own eyes. They include the 3rdcentury Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacan City, the Pyramid ofthe Magician in Uxmal and Chichen Itza; a restored Mayan city and renowned wonderof the world; rich in temples and palaces built in the ancient style.

Booking your trip toMexico

Whether you want to drive along the Copper Canyon Trail on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, hike in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, or immerse yourself in Mayan culture, our team here at Low Cost Deals can help. We partner with big names in worldwide travel, such as Viking, Travelsphere, Titan, Kuoni, Intrepid, Hurtigruten and Cox and Kings.

We can get you on a Saga cruise bound for the Western Caribbean, with Mexico as one of your stops, or we can place you in a Club Med resort on the Mexican coast for a couple of weeks with a full menu of activities on site. You could take a tour through Mexico with your own personal tour manager guiding you through your itinerary, or we can help you find a Central American trip that includes Cuba, Guatemala and Panama as well.

Whatever your preferences and however you want to experience Mexico, please get in touch.

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