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Neilson Beach Holidays offer the opportunity to combine all the elements you would expect from a beach holiday, such as, sun, sand, leisurely days spent by the pool or in the sea with the chance to enjoy a whole range of activities on the water itself, kayaking, sailing, wakeboarding and lots more! Low Cost Deals are proud to be able to offer you Neilson’s extravagant range of top classBeach Holidays as a Specialist provider, and at even lower prices

Largely situated in picturesque coves and bays and dotted through areas of Greece and Italy, all resorts offer a great Neilson summer holiday experience. With great views, great weather (most of the time) and a great roster of activities to keep both young and old entertained, it’s fair to say that a Neilson beach holiday becomes a lasting and very fond memory. The holidays are so popular, that many visitors return again and again either to the same resort or each of the different resorts available.


The Neilson beachclubs in Greece offer a little something different in terms of their location and surroundings, but they all have one main thing in common, and that’s the quality holiday experience that is delivered at each and every one. With 25 years of experience in delivering feature packed holidays at amazing prices, each resort has improved every year and many of them deliver at least 4 star quality.

Some of the Greece based resorts include Messini, Lemnos, Lesvos, Sivota and Vassiliki, whilst over in Italy, Baia dei Mori and Airone both feature wonderful Neilson beach clubs. All of the onsite staff members are always knowledgeable, helpful and friendly; making sure each and every aspect of your holiday is enjoyable and runs smoothly every step of the way.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of Neilson summer holidays is just how much is inclusive of the initial price you pay. With many companies, once you get to a resort, you find that you might need to pay extra for each activity available.

Not so with Neilson! You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover that things like the waterskiing, windsurfing, kayaking and mountain biking are all available for free once you have arrived. It’s not just a case of finding a boat or board and fending for yourselves either because there will be tuition available for each of the activities. So, what might begin as a bit of fun on the water could become something you end up enjoying on a regular basis!

Of course, you don’t have to take part in any of the activities if you don’t want to. If you prefer to just soak up the rays by the beach or pool and enjoy lots of the fantastic food on offer or maybe even take a stroll into a local town or village to enjoy some of the culture, you will soon find yourself relaxing and unwinding at your own pace.

LowCostDeals are a specialist provider for Neilson Holidays and we therefore have the ability to point you towards some of the best summer deals and offers. Please call us on 0845 528 0022 for lots more information on each of the resorts and availability.

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