Imperial Jewels of China

    Resort:Imperial Jewels of China
    Operator: Viking River Cruises
    Destination: China
    Price From: £2795.00


    View modern & imperial landscapes

    Viking deepens your understanding of China™s imperial history and forward-thinking modernity on one wide-ranging cruisetour. Trace timeworn steps along the Great Wall. Marvel at 8,000 ancient Terra Cotta Warriors, each distinctly carved. Admire emerald-draped cliff faces and hushed monasteries during a tranquil Yangtze river cruise. Step inside the massive Three Gorges Dam. And gaze upon Shanghai™s cutting-edge skyline. Join us on this most enlightening of journeys.


    Day 1 Beijing, China

    Beijing, a grand imperial capital from the 10th century until Communism in 1949, holds over 3,000 years of history.

    Day 2 Beijing, China

    From the sprawling Forbidden City to the serpentine Great Wall, Beijing is a massive repository of the monuments of the past.

    Day 3 Beijing, China

    Quiet warrens of courtyard homes, Beijing at its most authentic, recall the Peking of old.

    Day 4 Xian, China

    Thousands of ancient Terra Cotta Warriors, buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huang over 2,000 years ago, were unearthed in Xian in 1974.

    Day 5 Xian, China

    Over 3,100 years old, Xian rivals Egypt and Greece as the birthplace of civilization; its peak came during the glorious Tang Dynasty.

    Day 6 Chongqing, China

    Perched on steep hills where the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers meet, Chongqing was one of the Allies™ three World War II headquarters.

    Day 7 Shibaozhai, China

    Shibaozhai Temple (Precious Stone Fortress) is a gem of Chinese architecture.

    Day 8 Three Gorges, China

    At 25 miles long, Wu Gorge is a breathtaking canvas of forest-covered mountains, sheer cliffs, rising mist and cascading waterfalls.

    Day 9 Three Gorges Dam, China

    Part of the Three Gorges system on the Yangtze River, Wu Gorge is perhaps the most beautiful stretch in the river.

    Day 10 Jingzhou, China

    Within Jingzhou, ancient Ying™s city walls, gates and watchtowers help Jingzhou strike a dramatic pose on the Yangtze™s banks.

    Day 11 Wuhan, China

    One of the most important cities of China™s Republican Revolution, this capital of Hubei province is a gateway to the Yangtze Gorges.

    Day 12 Shanghai, China

    The metropolis and financial center of Shanghai orbits around its famous Bund, an elegant riverfront promenade overlooked by colonial-era banks.

    Day 13 Shanghai, China

    The largest city in China and one of the world™s most important ports, Shanghai began as a tiny fishing village 5,000 years ago.

    Day 14 Shanghai, China

    Because Shanghai has long welcomed people from all over the world, it has a history of being an open-minded city with a freewheeling character.