Journey to the North Pole

Resort:Journey to the North Pole
Operator: Exodus
Destination: Arctic, Europe, Finland, Russia
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Probably the ultimate Polar voyage: sail to 90 north aboard the world’s
largest nuclear-powered icebreaker.

This journey combines the raw power of the ship with the use of helicopter
flights for aerial viewing. Crushing through pack ice that is metres thick,
the ‘Victory’ can sail in conditions that would defeat any other ship.
Reaching the top of the world, the experience of standing where all
directions are south, is incomparable. There will be time to perform the
shortest possible circumnavigation of the globe before heading south to
explore the remote Franz Josef Land. With its massive flat-topped islands and
steep basalt cliffs, this archipelago is a birdwatcher’s paradise. This is
quite simply a voyage without comparison.


* Circumnavigate the globe and reach 90 North – ‘the top of the world’

* Discover the remote archipelago of Franz Josef Land with its 191 islands

* Travel aboard the world’s largest and most powerful icebreaker

* View the icy wilderness from the ship’s helicopter

* Accompanied by extremely qualified Expedition Staff