Tulips & Windmills

    Resort:Tulips & Windmills
    Operator: Viking River Cruises
    Destination: Belgium
    Price From: £1645.00


    Discover Holland & Belgium

    Admire the genius of the Dutch Masters at Amsterdam™s Rijksmuseum. Explore Hoorn™s seafaring heritage, Arnhem™s World War II history and Antwerp™s Renaissance splendor. See colorful ribbons of farmland as Dutch tulips come into bloom. Sample Belgian beers and chocolates. Step into the Middle Ages in Bruges. Roam Keukenhof Gardens, the world™s largest floral park. The best time to see the Low Countries is spring, and the best way to see them is on our 10-day cruise.


    Day 1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam is renowned for its museums, colorful gardens, abundance of bicycles and endless lattice of canals.

    Day 2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The Dutch Golden Age™s legacy lives on in gilded manses that line Amsterdam™s canals and in the lush paintings that adorn the Rijksmuseum.

    Day 3 Hoorn, The Netherlands

    Founded in 1300, Hoorn was named for its horn-shaped harbor along the Ijsselmeer, the artificial lake created by massive dams.

    Day 4 Arnhem, The Netherlands

    A picturesque former Hanseatic League city nearly destroyed in World War II, Arnhem is graced with an array of beautiful parks and gardens.

    Day 5 Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

    The South Holland village community of Kinderdijk includes a set of 19 windmills and other ingenious technologies built in the 18th century to control flooding. 

    Day 6 Antwerp, Belgium

    Antwerp™s Cathedral of Our Lady, Belgium™s largest Gothic church, is a masterpiece of murals and stained glass.

    Day 7 Ghent, Belgium

    In the Middle Ages, the college town of Ghent became one of the richest cities of Northern Europe. The Lys River is your gateway to Bruges, an equally beloved town filled with picturesque houses and canals.

    Day 8 Zeeland, The Netherlands

    Much of the tranquil region of Zeeland lies below sea level, protected from North Sea tides by the vast Delta Works project and windmills.

    Day 9 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    City of charming canals, elegant gabled houses, Rembrandt and van Gogh, Amsterdam is a delight to explore.

    Day 10 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Amsterdam™s patchwork of waterways forms about 90 islands that are connected by 1,500 gracefully arched bridges.