Waterways of the Tsars

Resort:Waterways of the Tsars
Operator: Viking River Cruises
Destination: Russia
Price From: £2795.00


Explore the real Russia

See the swirling onion domes and stout towers of Moscow™s Red Square. Share stories at the kitchen table of an Uglich family. Savor Russian caviar with your blini pancakes. Soak up the steam in a traditional banya in riverside Mandrogy village. Envision Peter the Great luxuriating in massive Peterhof Palace, then see how multiple families shared living space at a Soviet-era kommunalka. From Moscow to St. Petersburg, this 13-day voyage reveals the real Russia as never before.


Day 1 Moscow, Russia

The crenellated red brick walls of Moscow™s Kremlin surround many towers, cathedrals and palaces.

Day 2 Moscow, Russia

The immense scale of Moscow, a major cultural and economic metropolis as well as Russia™s pulsing political center, is breathtaking.

Day 3 Moscow, Russia

Majestic Moscow, one of the world™s greenest cities, decorates even its subway stations lavishly with art and magnificent chandeliers.

Day 4 Moscow, Russia

A metropolis of grand boulevards, regal monuments and onion-domed cathedrals, by night Moscow masterfully illuminates its landmarks.

Day 5 Uglich, Russia

Founded in 1148 along the Volga River, Uglich is a magnificent city to behold from the river.

Day 6 Yaroslavl, Russia

Stretching 18 miles along both banks of the Volga amidst a region of forests, Yaroslavl was founded in 1010 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev.

Day 7 Kuzino, Russia

Kuzino™s renowned Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery was founded by Saint Cyril in 1397.

Day 8 Kizhi, Russia

Situated at the north end of Lake Onega, Kizhi Island is home to the famed Open Air Museum of Architecture.

Day 9 Mandrogy, Russia

Reconstructed as an open air museum, Mandrogy keeps the traditions of Russian villages alive.

Day 10 St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia™s second largest city, St. Petersburg has been called œVenice of the North for its many islands, canals and bridges.

Day 11 St. Petersburg, Russia

Inspired by Europe™s cultural capitals, St. Petersburg is Russia™s most Western city.

Day 12 St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is graced by grand boulevards, a lacework of canals, baroque buildings, resplendent palaces and dazzling onion-domed churches.

Day 13 St. Petersburg, Russia

Priceless art and world-class ballet elevate St. Petersburg more than its founder, Peter the Great, could have dreamed.