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Here at Low Cost Deals, we are a specialist provider for Trafalgar tours and are able to not only point you in the direction of all of the Trafalgar travel opportunities, such as latest deals and offers from a roster of more than 200 itineraries around the world, but also provide you with lots more information about the company itself. Please feel free to contact us on 0845 833 4913 and one of our staff members will be delighted to help.

Trafalgar have been providing top quality holidays and tours for more than 60 years and with all that experience and expertise they can boast an astonishing 98% satisfaction rate. We think you will agree when we say, that’s the kind of holiday and travel company you want to be associated with.

With such an amazing variety of destinations to choose from at Trafalgar, part of the fun will be in deciding which part of the world to start your next adventure in. How will you choose? Pick a continent or country you haven’t visited before or choose somewhere you know and love and would relish the chance for more exploration time? All of your favourite places are likely to be on the list of locations with Trafalgar but there will also be many more hidden treasures to discover and places that once seen, will never leave you.

Here are just a couple of the travel delights available:

South America Escorted Tours – How about the best bits of Brazil, Argentina and Chile to get that holiday pulse running? Not just one fabulous country but three! Most people with the travel bug are likely to have Rio de Janeiro on their list of “must see” places and although its looks amazing in pictures and TV, nothing can quite prepare you for the moment you first lay your eyes on Sugarloaf Mountain. A cable car trip to the top is something you won’t forget in a hurry. Neither will you forget your whole Rio experience with its carnival atmosphere and world famous Copacabana beach; you might even want to take your surfboard! Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is also a fantastic place to visit and a trip over the mighty Andes Mountains will take you to Chile and its capital, Santiago.

Italy Escorted Tours – There are a wealth of escorted tours to Europe but perhaps you want to single out one particular country, to get to know it in a bit more depth. In Italy, there are endless lists of places that are worth visiting, with obvious highlights including, Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Pisa and Turin but the whole country is steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Ancient cities, picturesque towns and villages nestled next to lakes as well as a whole host of fantastic Mediterranean beach resorts. The people are friendly and food is delicious and when you put it all together you are left with a dream travel experience!

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